front fender for the shovel.

I’m preparing to give my shovel a makeover. Its without a doubt the ugliest bike i’ve ever owned and its long overdue, but i just wanted it to prove itself to me over a year before i did too much to it.
It did. Its a fantastic bike, and i almost grew to like its ugliness. I had a spare early front end for it so i’ve just finished rebuilding it, only thing left is to get the brake back from machining and fit it up. i had an old 19inch pirelli that i had been saving for years… about 15 years actually. still feeling good so we will see if it stays for more than a week. Fitted it up to a acront alloy rim with stainless spokes.
I had picked out a chrome fender for the back off an old ducati so to match i found this CB250 front fender that im going to fit. I spent a couple of hours on it this morning planishing and filing dents so all i have to do is extend the bracket to fit and send away for chroming. I know i’m gonna love this front end. 

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